… Here comes the lucky number seven. It means the seventh post of this blog. It also contains the ambivalent meaning of July. Yes, the seventh month of the year has just arrived at the front door and suddenly it makes me startle. The pace of life and the speed of time have indeed reminded me of how little my time in Germany is left. I consumed lots of money during the past few months (and in years to come), but do I feel regretful about it? I don’t know. To be honestly said. I am appalled at myself and at the fact that the indecisiveness of mine has driven me mad these days.

I am trying my best to achieve better things, and I am sure I will not stop at this mere point. I am so surprised of some little achievements that I am fortunately having right now (I hope they are all trades-offs), but simultaneously it as well requires me to make a decision: Whether pursuing a degree from more well-known university (University of Cologne and Aalto University) or earning little working experiences (Jodel) before starting over at a less known university (University of Magdeburg). I wonder why things just become so spontaneous these days, which puts me in a dilemma and I feel really sorry to reject either of them. I’m not good at giving rejection by the way. I understand the feeling of being rejected … That really hurts.

Procrastination occurs again. Now I am waiting for the best solution, which hasn’t been disclosed yet. Among those things, I still fancy University of Erlangen-Nuremberg because it might be the best fit for my concern.

I hope that everything will be fine in the end, and I will not regret any decision I am going to make.

I hope so.



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