How fast does the time fly?

I dunno. Even though I kept reminding myself of being concentrating, I did fail most of the times. Tomorrow I will start my second semester in this land. This is not a comfortable feeling to think about at all, when you’re gonna have tons of things to do and work at the same time. Thus I just scowl and hope everything’s gonna be over soon.

So I’ve been away from home for almost 7 months! SEVEN MONTHS! It consists of a HUGE amount of days and weeks, of happiness and sadness, of experiences and lessons learned. I have managed to do many things I had never ever thought I’d do someday.

Well, I do not exaggerate when saying this.

… Remember the very first day I took that once-upon-a-time job. Well, that’s kinda funny, because I had to get up at 3AM, make my own food in rush and take a 2-hour train plus another 45 min bus just to reach the workplace, a factory located at the MOST incommutable town in the world. Well, not really. But I mean it’s still very hard to get to by normal transportation. At that factory, I had to stand consistently 10 hours to make the SUSHI. Such a handy job it is, and I felt my back was being torn. At the end of the day, I had no energy, no feeling, and I walked home with an emotionless and dumb expression so much that I guess I would have slapped anyone in the face if I was poked.

… Remember the first REAL part time job I have. I said REAL to differentiate it from the stupid job being mentioned above. Well, at this time, the story is less tragic, but has more actions. I work by shift, and on any day that I have to work at morning shift, I STILL need to get up at 4AM, make my own food again and crawl my ass off on my bicycle to the warehouse which is located 7KM away from my house. Speaking of the warehouse, all the memories during the time working for Jabil dash back suddenly in my mind. I have to wear the protecting shoes, handgloves and deal with racks, forklifts, barcode scanners and stuff. My job is technically to take a package from the rack based on the given code and put it on the palette nicely. Simple as that. But when it comes to reality, all of a sudden it becomes shitty too much to handle. Some of the packages are, without any luck, 50KG weigh! Stupid! Then I need to use my BIG muscles to pull the hell them over and put them on the palette. Very exhausting. Not mention the fact that everybody speaks German and I don’t understand a thing!!!

Well, of course, I understand SOMETHING! But it’s not enough for making fun or somewhat. It is still stupid, you know … Or I am stupid …

… I intended to write more but at this spot, I feel a bit sleepy. Then I need to sleep soon just to prepare for my lesson tomorrow. I hope I can be awake during the lectures … Hahaha.

Let’s take a look at all the fucking things I listed out at the beginning of this year just to see how things are going with my life. Dun remember all but I guess the progress is not too bad:

  1. Move to another city for living on any purpose (internship/studying/working) except Soest and its surrounding areas. –> Not yet done. I will put more efforts in the second half of this year.
  2. Do exercises everyday to get back in shape. –> In progress. I had registered for a FitnessStudio and I went there quite OFTEN. Well. If I takes into account all the physical work of my parttime job. But I mean, it’s still okay and I have no problem with this spot.
  3. Stop eating Chocolates everyday. I will restrict the volume of Chocolate I eat to 1 bar a week. –> Oh my God! I have to be stricter on this line. I STILL eat Chocolates and it seems unstoppable!
  4. Be able to find a part-time job to support my own living conditions and don’t need any further financial assistance from family. –> I think it did it. Yay!
  5. Be able to communicate fluently and discuss professional topics in English. –> It really depends on my mood but let’s see. I have to be more conversational during the second semester.
  6. Finish B2 German and be able to communicate fluently in daily topics. –> Not too bad. I have finished B1 German and at least I can SOMEWHAT understand my flatmates and colleagues. Keep going Vinh!
  7. Visit at least 03 more countries and 03 more states in Germany. –> I think I did the first part. I went to Italy (7 days), France (5 days) and barely Belgium (1 hours!) Haha! But not too bad. I also visited Hessen by taking a good move to Kassel, and also PASSED by Saarland and Rheinland Pflaz! Oh hell yeah! But I mean, I am not gonna stop at this point. More destinations will be discovered and more places will be conquered! Yeay!
  8. Be able to learn 01 new thing per day and make a separate entry to jot it down. –> I completely failed on this and dunno whether I could make it happen.
  9. Make this blog accessible for others. Currently, it is kept as secret and no one knows I own such blog. –> Not at this time. I don’t think I’m courageous enough to do this.
  10. Not necessary, but will be nice to have: I want a love – a long-lasting true love this year. You know, I have been single for too long 😦  –> No need to mention. I’m forever alone. But what the hell, I want a love so BAD!

That’s enough for today. I’m writing so much. Good night babe.

PS. Cover photo was taken at Colosseum, Italy.


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