#04: 2017 New Year Resolutions

img_5875I’m thinking to switch my blog into English mode from today onwards. This makes very much sense: I don’t use Vietnamese as a communicative language anymore. By this mean, I hope I could increase my English ability, especially writing skill. Well, I don’t expect much, but certainly as this is a place where I can think and speak to myself, I grant myself a right to do anything I want. In conclusion, English – OK – Off you go! 🙂

So, another year has landed. I have never expected the time to fly this fast. Sometimes, I looked back and wondered what I had done during the past whole year. 2016, to me, was neither a year of success nor a period of self-impression. Nevertheless, it was indeed a year of exploration. It remarked an important milestone that I would have never ever forgotten for the rest of my life: I’m going to study abroad. It was actually a once in a lifetime experience. As you may notice in previous entries, I’m here in Germany for my master degree  🙂  It took me almost a year for application, preparation and, eventually, setting off. Why did I call this year an exploration? Because through these processes could I understand some aspects of myself and many things that I never thought one day I could have achieved. The feelings of preparing my application documents to send off to universities. The moments when I received acceptance letter or rejection letter. The nerves in my stomach when I applied for a EU Schengen Visa. The reminiscence when the departing date approached. The loss that I felt when I said the last Goodbye and gave my family last hugs before going inside the airport. The feeling of the first time going on a long-haul flight. The true relief I had when I put my first steps onto Europe – the land I used to dream of since I was a child. All of them, I will keep all of them at the most solemn place in my heart. I know those memories will never be faded away and accompany with me forever and ever.

Standing on the fringe of the New Year, I hope all the best for myself and promise that 2017 is gonna be another unforgettable year. That’s why I started to write this blog entry and try to make it personal and special. I came up with the below List of 2017 Resolutions and I will try my best to make it real.

So, here is the list!

  1. Move to another city for living on any purpose (internship/studying/working) except Soest and its surrounding areas.
  2. Do exercises everyday to get back in shape.
  3. Stop eating Chocolates everyday. I will restrict the volume of Chocolate I eat to 1 bar a week.
  4. Be able to find a part-time job to support my own living conditions and don’t need any further financial assistance from family.
  5. Be able to communicate fluently and discuss professional topics in English.
  6. Finish B2 German and be able to communicate fluently in daily topics.
  7. Visit at least 03 more countries and 03 more states in Germany.
  8. Be able to learn 01 new thing per day and make a separate entry to jot it down.
  9. Make this blog accessible for others. Currently, it is kept as secret and no one knows I own such blog.
  10. Not necessary, but will be nice to have: I want a love – a long-lasting true love this year. You know, I have been single for too long 😦

They are so-called 2017 New Year Resolutions. I will go back to the list every 3 months to review my progress.

Well, I think that’s enough for the very first blogspot and it’s about time to find an impressive picture to recognize it. Probably it’ll be about the first snow in my life 😉

PS. I don’t realize that writing an English blog is much easier for me now. I’m so surprised and impressed by myself.


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